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March 11, 2010

Boots No7 Amazing Eyes Pencil

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Hello girlies! Today I have decided to talk about No7 Amazing Eyes pencils, despite the fact that you can probably find a cheaper eye pencil somewhere else… Well I did find something cheaper: at Primark. And let me tell you that I felt the meaning of “you only get what you paid for” on my poor eyelids: their pencils are so hard, you might as well take a normal sketching pencil to your own eyelids and waterline. Let’s just say that after irritating your eyes for ages, you “might” end up with a shadow of colour. Bashing aside, the No7 Amazing Eyes Pencil can be just as cheap as the Primark one: just remember the magic vouchers that Boots give out from time to time. Those vouchers are only given to you if you have spent a minimum of £5 in store and entitle you to redeem £5 off your next purchase of Ruby & Millie or No7 cosmetics. There is no minimum spend, so you can pick up the cheapest product in the offered range and end up paying as little as £2 for their pencils or eyeshadows. If I am reviewing the pencils now, needless to say i will be using my next voucher for the eyeshadows. Watch out, review coming soon. Now, down to business. The Amazing Eyes pencil come in 4 different shades: chrome (silver), blue/grey, black and brown. The crayon is soft enough so it does not feel like you are scoring your eyelids when applying it. The colours are gorgeous… So gorgeous that I used my chrome/silver pencil on my wedding day.

Of course, you will need to check on your waterline (lower eyelid) regularly if you want perfect results throughout the day. I have yet to encounter an eye pencil that can resist the constant duct tears attack. When applied to the upper eyelid, the crayon actually lasts very well (it was still there at 2 am after my wedding day). I also use my grey and black pencils to produce a smoky eye effect: the brushes at the other end of the pencil allows you to smudge everything in sight. It’s also handy if you want to expertly transform a mess into a smoky mess J The brush can also let you transform your eye pencil into an eyeshadow: I wanted to have silver on my eyelids but had run out of powder, so i used my chrome eyepencil instead, applied a generous layer of it and then smudge the whole lot with the brush. All in all, a wonderful little handbag staple. My only reservation is that the brush can feel a bit “harsh”.


February 24, 2010

Boots No7 Time Resisting Moisturising Day Cream with SPF15 – a review

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I know this product is not what I would usually consider “cheap” but I was caught out behind the security gates at Heathrow airport without any moisturiser before boarding a 30hr flight… Spending that much time on a plane without a shower is bad enough already, I just could not do without a moisturiser. As there was an offer (buy £20 worth of No7 products and get a goodie bag worth £22), I ended up buying this particular one at Boots. On first inspection, the cream appears light and not overly fragranced. It also seems to penetrate the skin pretty quickly and feels refreshing. However, it only seems to penetrate my skin: it always leaves a residue that looks like dead skin on your fingers once you have rubbed it off… Not nice. It’s alright when you are on holiday in a relatively green country, but when you get back to London’s fumes and grime, it really feels yuk. I don’t even want to think about what that goop on my face has accumulated at the end of the day. Just for that reason I would not recommend this product, even more so when you consider it would set you back by £17. I have been let down before by other No7 products like their mascara (please see other post).


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